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Address: cftM6Yiu2bszFDkcYe2u7eTJjnPsXcx1KP
Shares rewards: 75%
Payout interval: 1
Relay nodes: 0

Shares rewards
Forged blocks

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Sponsor of The Compendia Validators Massive March GiveAway 2021

Payout 75%

New application in the pipeline , idea is being validated and more info will follow soon...

Long time nOS supporter and enthusiast. Looking to get more involved in the compendia / bind community.

I'm only running a validator node and 2 relay nodes for compendia so it has my full attention.

With more than 20 years experience in software development I believe I can be of use for the compendia project to become successful

PayOut script is configured and ready to go. Now looking for some fellow compendia enthusiast to get some votes so I can keep my nodes running.

Let's make this project a success together .

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Nice to get some appreciation

Created on: 22-9-2020 11:38:29
It's nice to see that the voters are finding the way to me as a reliable validator.
Of course, some extra votes wouldn't hurt to secure my position in the top47.
In the meanwhile, we are working hard on a first tool to help the voters even more to make the right choice.
A first beta release will follow soon. Keep safe everybody.
category: General

First few weeks

Created on: 12-9-2020 10:09:18
The first few weeks on compendia mainnet were really enjoyable. Everything is running stable and I am looking forward to starting developing applications for this great platform.

For now, we will keep the payout ratio at 75% but we will see what the future brings and if there is a possibility to share even more with our loyal voters

category: General

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