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Address: caohYtnXaxzgo3yyw7ZERfb4AiD5RAZSPF
Shares rewards: 99%
Payout interval: 1/day
Relay nodes: 0

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ℹī¸ Who are we?

The Bobbie Bunch is a Belgian/Dutch cooperative of Bobbie and SoLiDeNL. In crypto we go way back with some (very) successful project investments, and others who turned out to be disasters. We both have our skillset, very complementary to each other. Bobbie is great hands-on developer while SoLiDeNL is a community pleasing communication expert.

❓ Why Compendia?

We knew Dean from his contributions to NEO, kept on following him and got acquainted with nOS at first, which was rebranded to Compendia. From the beginning we saw a transparant team where deadlines were always met. We got our place in the ICO through our participation in the Design Competition.

⚒ What do we contribute to Compendia?

đŸĨ‡ We are the winners of the nOS developer contest. We created Waffle, a full-featured raffle game that utilized NOS, Holding Scores, and nOS Client.

🌐 We are the creators of compendiavalidators.com. A portal where all verified validators can inform their voters about their activities.

đŸ”Ĩ And off course we are registered as a validator named the_bobbie_bunch. We payout up to 99% of our rewards to our voters! For more information, please visit our website thebobbiebunch.nl

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Added functionality to compendiavalidators.com

Created on: 7-10-2020 10:46:34
We added some new cool tools to this website:
category: Contribution

Relay node verification

Created on: 7-10-2020 10:44:29
We use the newly created Relay Verifier plug-in (created by validator tortoise_emperor) to let validators verify their relay nodes. This immediately resulted in an 120% increase of relay nodes!
category: Contribution

nOS Validators portal website

Created on: 17-6-2020 10:12:36
We've created this website as a sounding board for all validators.
category: Contribution

First validator with a full proposal

Created on: 17-6-2020 10:08:22
We at the_bobbie_bunch were the first validator to complete our full proposal. Please take a look at the 'Wallet description'.
category: Proposal-update

The Bobbie Bunch website

Created on: 17-6-2020 10:13:56
We were the first validator that got worldwide. Visit us at thebobbiebunch.nl
category: Contribution

Validator payout script

Created on: 17-6-2020 09:59:57
We wrote our own payout script. It's a fully automated, TBW based script with daily payout and maturing period to prevent pool hoppers.
category: Contribution

Winner of the nOS ID App Competition

Created on: 17-6-2020 09:48:45
We created Waffle, a full-featured raffle game that utilizes NOS, Holding Scores, and nOS Client. Click here for more info
category: Contribution

Participant in the nOS Client Design Competition

Created on: 17-6-2020 09:46:11
We submitted our designs, didn't win, but achieved access to Tier 2 pre-sale. Our nOS journey began!
category: Contribution

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