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Address: cZJ77fsPwu8dxaqvKUUVy2ocmBZgXnfK4G
Shares rewards: 80%
Payout interval: 1/day
Relay nodes: 0

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A public pool, sharing daily 80% of the rewards.


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Creator of Compendia Calculator

Created on: 23-8-2020 23:09:56
We've noticed many people looking for a validator rewards calculator. The share you can expect to receive depends on a number of factors such as the rewards share percentage, vote power and dilution by other vote weight. To make this a bit less confusing for voters we've worked on a rewards calculator that takes these things into account.

The calculator is still a work in progress, so expect updates over time. Check the disclaimer below the calculator for more information. Feedback and suggestions are very much welcome!

Take a look at https://calculator.dutchpool.io/compendia
category: Contribution

Support and develop for the compendia databases

Created on: 22-8-2020 23:58:52
Once more information comes available, I will support and develop for the compendia databases.
category: Contribution

Actively maintaining a devnet node

Created on: 22-8-2020 23:57:56
I will actively maintain a devnet node
category: Contribution

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