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Address: cjvpZss9dbvvdh4Ewr1bW2xb71kCBAuaBG
Shares rewards: 50%
Payout interval: Daily
Relay nodes: 0

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Who is spellßinder?

I was one of the original nOS developers, where I helped build nOS Client and various scripts & utilities that helped drive the successful NOS ICO. Prior to that, I was also a member of City of Zion, where I built much of NEON Wallet that you may know and love.

Why vote for spellßinder?

The spellbinder delegate provides 50% of rewards to its voters using True Block Weight.

Because I was previously a core NOS developer, I will sufficiently be able to ensure a top 47 position. Any of my own votes will be excluded from reward payment calculations.

How often will I get paid?

Payments will be processed automatically daily. To be eligible for payment, you must have a pending payment balance of at least 1 BIND (ß).

How does spellßinder contribute to Compendia?

In addition to running relays/forgers, I have begun work on & plan to work on several features, including but not limited to:

To check your pending rewards and payment history, please visit pool.spellbinder.io.

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BIND Desktop Wallet in the making

Created on: 17-9-2020 04:55:38
Given my history of working on both the NEON Wallet and nOS Client for NEO & NOS respectively, I feel that it only makes sense for me to contribute to the BIND blockchain by build a desktop wallet for the community.  This is a project that I've already begun, and I'm planning to have something worthwhile to demo in the near future.  Stay tuned!
category: Contribution

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