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Address: ceM4HwUYAc6PZyhbuTnExFoDqNsLby5mqB
Shares rewards: 80%
Payout interval: 1/day
Relay nodes: 0

Shares rewards
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Validator - Seatrips

I've been involved in DPoS since 2016 and the Crypto space since 2014 I've run delegates for most major DPoS chains over the years. I currently run multiple nodes for different projects.

I understand that running a stable delegate/validator node is very important, as is maintaining high uptime.

For Mainnet - I run will be running a forging and relay node

For Testnet - I will continue to support testnet and run a node

Node Specs - Nodes are above the specs needed and can be upgraded also when needed

I will Try to support Bind As much as i can Like i already do

Reward share: 80% daily

Rewards will be will be paid every 24 hrs using Goose's TBW script, once block rewards begin.

The Share % will be reviewed and adjusted if needed.

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Created on: 28-8-2020 20:18:39
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Seatrips info

Created on: 26-8-2020 12:08:07
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