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Address: cYCw8qWTmznnQAsXXYP7wDfLcom6jvyuZu
Shares rewards: 60%
Payout interval: 1/day
Relay nodes: 3

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❀️ How did Captain Future get here?

Captain Future, formerly known as a space-traveling scientist and adventurer, began research into DLT back in 2016 together with his crew. Two years later he became aware of the Compendia Network (formerly nOS) and its founder @deanpress. Studying the whitepaper convinced us to invest in the project through the ICO. Later we've decided to dive deeper into Compendia and learn about how the technical implementation of this complex network actually looks like. Our first experience with a Validator node was in early 2020, when the Compendia testnet launched. We received a lot of help from the community, and been working hard on server management and organization. Learned a lot of new things here and will continue to do so.

Introducing Compendia: nOS Network, Rebranded.

Compendia/nOS Whitepaper.

πŸͺ Community contribution: Compendia Merch Shop

Our mission is to provide the community of Compendia with high quality merchandise items. This shop is our main community contribution so far. It runs as a "unofficial" non-profit shop.

>>Compendia Merch Shop enter here<<

ℹ️ Basics for our voters

You can expect 60% of all our block rewards to be distributed at a daily basis to our voters*. We have the claim to be 100% transparent to our voters.

πŸ–₯ Our network support

1x Forging Node

3x Relay Nodes

... we'll reactivate the testnet soon.

πŸš€ Stay tuned for upcoming contributions. We will contribute to Compendia's open databases as soon this features will be implemented.

Any question? DM via telegram or join our telegram info channel.

From outer space with best regards,

πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸš€ captain_future & crew

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*your payout amount depends on our validator rank and the total number of votes.

#edit 04/04/2021#

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3rd relay node added ...

Created on: 18-9-2020 14:50:26
We are increasing our beat rate and have therefore added a third relay node to our portfolio. Security is a major concern for us. πŸ”

Verified and already hard at work! βš™οΈβ›“
category: General

πŸͺ Grand opening of the Compendia Merch Shop! (Unofficial)

Created on: 11-9-2020 17:38:33
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Compendia Merch Shop πŸ‘ˆπŸ» 

✊ Everything for the GREAT Compendia community! This is a non-profit-shop. Further designs will follow and suggestions can also be submitted by the community, which will then be voted on in a survey.

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🎁 Merch Set to be won:
1x Unisex Organic Hoodie by Stanley & Stella
1x T-Shirt with colour gradients
1x Full Colour Mug
+ additional 300 BIND to each winner! ❀️

πŸ€ How to win:
To qualify, share with us at least 10,000 vote influence for the minimum period from september 15th to 30th.
(validator: captain_future)

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πŸ’°Validator block rewards kicked in at block 300,000. Now you can vote and earn rewards!

ℹ️ Validator on-chain profile & proposal: Click here
ℹ️ Telegram Channel: Click here

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