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Welcome to Cam’s Yellow Jacket!

If that name sounds familiar to you, then you probably remember the work CYJ has done over at the ARK community. CYJ on Compendia is made up of two individuals: Cam and Ray.

Who Are We?

Cam - Background as a Systems Analyst and Cybersecurity Tech, Cam has been part of the Ark Ecosystem since 2017. Cam has done work on Ark Docs, the Ark Advocate Program, been a forging delegate for almost 2 years, runs the Ark Relay Node Ops Program and has assisted in producing informational videos for Ark. Glad to be part of the Compendia Network, and is hoping to bring of the same value to Compendia as brought to Ark.

Ray: With a background in law and finance, Ray has been an avid supporter of blockchain tech since early 2017. He’s been a proud member of the ARK team since 2019 and is happy to be one of Compendia’s first validators. 

What are we doing for Compendia:

One of Compendia's main purposes is the ability to create and contribute to public databases on a decentralized platform. Because of the novelty of blockchain technology, much of the laws and regulations that govern it are still being formed or updated today. A database that is frequently updated with the current legislation in your area would be useful for the Compendia network and has a lot of different potential use cases. This can also be combined with legal directories that list licensed attorneys in your area. 

Relay Node Ops Program - just like the Node Ops Program CYJ funds for the Ark Public Network, that same program will be funded for Compendia. CYJ realizes the value of having as many relays as possible on the network to create an efficient and resilient network. Get paid in Bind to maintain a relay node. Get in touch with cam via cam.ark.eco@gmail.com and ask about being part of the program. 

Reward Sharing:

Cam's Yellow Jacket will share a portion of it's rewards with it's voters every 1016 blocks. This is subject to change and will be regularly re-evaluated due to value changes.

50% - Voter Share

10% - Relay Ops Program

5% - Secret Fund (announcement coming soon)

35% - Node Infrastructure and Delegate Compensation

Our Infrastructure:

We believe the security of the network is our number one priority as validators. That is why we made sure to have the best servers possible.

Server Specs: SUPER GOOD.


If you already know CYJ, you know we like to make our announcements and have our communications with folks via Twitter. Follow us @CamYellowJacket

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