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Address: cT6AUW2vTKAupB87AYvt16XuWyRTpqnDNw
Shares rewards: 85%
Payout interval: 3
Relay nodes: 0

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Hello everybody, my name is Milan and am looking for your vote to become a forging validator on the Compendia network.

I am from the Netherlands, and been involved in Ark-based DPOS chains since September 2018. Since that time, I became quite handy around building and maintaining nodes. You might seen my delegate name in forging on the Ark and Qredit networks.

My proposal is primarily focused on running multiple stable nodes, and sharing 85% of the forging rewards with my voters, every 72hours.

I am hoping I can count on your support! Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal.

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