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So you want your validator to get 'In the spotlight'!?

We charge a weekly fee of 250 BIND to put yourself in the spotlight. Why? First we have costs to keep this site up and running and second these payments go straight back to our community of voters through numerous of incentives!

What are the possibilities?
In this section the validator 'In the spotlight' can place a promotional text with a maximum of 500 characters.This can include 'short pitches or taglines', but a common purpose is to let potential voters know about what you offer as a validator to your voters. This text can include common markup and hyperlinks, but pictures are not allowed! So think carefully about how you will use this precious space!
🔥 May the forge be with you!


This is the total list of current forging and non-forging validators.
Want to start a forging/relay node yourself? Take a look over here.

Validators with a green fingerprint behind their name are verified accounts.

Behind the fingerprint you see the amount of verified relay nodes this validator is running. Relay nodes are very important for the stability of the network.

0 relay = NOT DONE
1 relay = DECENT
>1 relays = PERFECT!

2. the_bobbie_bunch
relay nodes: 0
3. tehmoonwalker
relay nodes: 0
11. st3v3n
relay nodes: 0